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List of things needed to whelp puppies

This is what I do when I deliver my puppies

• Heating pad for under fleece bed to keep puppies warm I use the heating pads from Sunbeam that stay on all the time.

• Nasal aspirator to clean out puppies noses. Order at

• Forceps to clamp umbilical cords after the puppies are born. I usually clamp there umbilical cords and just leave the forceps on there for about 5 to 10 minutes so they don't bleed order at

they are under hymostates I use the 3.8 inche ones

• Wash cloths to help pull puppies out if there stuck and to wipe the puppy off with.

• Calcium Gluconate give the mother 1/2 cc before she is going to have her puppies it settles her down so she just lays down and has her puppies. You inject this under the skin on the side of the neck. You can get it from American eagle breeders or Tractors supply

• Oxitocine for after she has all her puppies you give her 1/2 cc under the skin in the neck this will bring her milk down and clean her out. Get this at American Eagle Breeder 

• Baytril injectable I give my mother 1/10 of a cc per pound every day for 3 days after they have there puppies to keep them from getting any kind of an infection. Order from American eagle breeders you have to call them there # is 1-800-286-4849

• Esbilac pre mixed Goats milk I put 1/4 milk and 3/4 water and I give it to the mother after she has puppies so she drinks and her milk comes in they love this I give it to her the first 3 days 2x a day you can purchase this at and I also give them 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese mixed with 1/4 pack of Cesar filet migon and 1/2c baby rice cereal mixed in this 2X a day

• 3cc syringes and 25x 3/4 needles for the syringes make sure you get the regular lock syringes so you can use them to feed the puppies if you need to feed them.

• Nurse Mate ASAP give 1 to 2 cc's to each puppy when it is first born. I get this at  it helps if you hold your puppies under there neck and dangle them they tend to suck better. I use a regular lock 3cc syringe to do this.

I also feed each puppy 2 to 2 1/2 cc's of puppy milk like this every 3 hrs for the first couple of days or until they act like they don't want it this way then I know they are getting enough to eat.

• I also weigh my puppies each day and they will in general lose weight the first day but then continue to gain weight after that.

I hope all of this information I have provided will give you some additional help with whelping your puppies

Author - Natalie Nelson

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